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Target Analysis has a department of highly trained, masterful technicians who provide the most reliable and consistent services at very competitive prices in the industry. Let us help, Make Your Life Easier.

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The expertise combined with the high-tech knowledge in the field of liquid chromatography / mass spectrometry and chemical analysis makes the company a reliable and unique partner.


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Breakthrough solutions that motivate laboratory-changing analysis

CHRONECT Workstation Glyphosate

The CHRONECT Workstation Glyphosate was developed for the analysis of glyphosate, glufosinate, and AMPA in complex matrices such as food.

DBS AutoSampler

The DBS sampler is a young technique for bioanalytics, especially valuable for clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories. The innovative-patented Flow-through desorption technology FTD™ allows direct elution from the DBS cards.

Chromatography Systems

Explore our extensive portfolio of Analytical HPLC / UHPLC, ULDC, FPLC, Preparative HPLC, GPC / SEC & Simulated Moving Bed. The scientific instruments are directly linked to their system components and replacement parts. 

CIC-D100 Series

The CIC-D100 series Ion Chromatographs are suitable for the most demanding analytical tasks and meet your requirements for performance and price.


Push the limits of speed and sensitivity in quantitative and qualitative analyses. Find Out all types of Mass Analyzers!

CD-14 Comparative Dissolution

The Dissolution Tester runs two methods simultaneously – ideal for bioequivalence studies of generic vs. innovator drug formulations. Configurations for improved workload efficiency in R&D, formulations, QC, and stability-test labs.

Phoenix™ Dry Heat Systems

Explore how Teledyne Hanson Research is refining the art of diffusion cell testing

Target Analysis Knowledge Base

Ask Target | Syringe Filters

Choose Target Filters to remove particular contaminants from samples prior to analysis. Our syringe filters are designed to be single-use for your convenience and for …

Focus on Automation

“Automation Doesn’t Just Create or Destroy Jobs — It Transforms Them.”Ashley Nunes -But why is the focus on automated solutions? Automation is the solution to several …


Nowadays the most common technique to analyze chemicals in both research and industrial processing is HPLC. High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography is a chromatographic method used to …

Diffusion Cap Kits

In diffusion cell testing, the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) passes from the dosage chamber into the receptor medium in an amount proportional to the exposed …

Glyphosate, AMPA & Glufosinate

#foodsafety #enviromental Automated determination of glyphosate, AMPA and glufosinate in food by online ligand exchange SPE-LC-MS/MS This workstation by Axel Semrau® has been developed to determine glyphosate, …

Freezing Point Osmometer

Freezing Point Osmometer. KNAUER is one of the pioneers in the field of osmometry and known for its reliable and user-friendly instruments for many decades. KNAUER’s …


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