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Karl-Fischer Standards

The presence of water in raw materials, intermediates, and finished products can affect properties like shelf life and stability, among many others. The Water Determination Test (Karl Fischer Method) is designed to determine water content in substances by volumetric or coulometric determinations. All Karl Fischer standards are Certified Reference Materials, produced and calibrated under CPAchem's quality system that is:

  • ISO 9001 certified
  • accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 - Testing
  • accredited according to ISO 17034 - Reference Material Producer

Custom-Made Form

To request a custom Reference Standard, please fill out and submit the form (link). Our Technical Service team will review your request and typically respond within 2 business days to discuss or confirm the details with you.


More than 100 different toxins are available in stock in 3 forms: neat, single solutions, and mixtures adapted to your needs. This huge selection makes Target Analysis one of the main distributors of Toxins Reference Material in Greece and Cyprus.


Petrochemical standards are essential for evaluating the chemical and physical properties of gasoline, petroleum or other petrochemical products in various industrial applications. Target Analysis offers a comprehensive range of neat standards as well as single and multi-component solutions for testing petroleum, gasoline or other petrochemically relevant substances.

Our collaborators are accredited and their standards are formulated to meet the recommendations of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and other international organizations. These petroleum standards enable the proper testing and processing of fuel oils to ensure safe and efficient use.


A clean and safe environment is an essential requirement for a healthy quality of life. Whether you are testing soil, water, air or waste, Target Analysis offers a wide range of high- quality reference materials in various formats (neat, in solution, in matrices) along with other analytical equipment required for the entire workflow.

We offer a wide range of organic reference materials that are hazardous to humans and the environment, including PCBs, PAHs, plasticizers, flame retardants, phthalates, explosives, air pollutants, volatiles and many more.

Analytical Reagent

Target Analysis offers analytical reagents for wet chemistry, titration, water quality control, and electrochemistry. Our offer includes specialty reagents for a range of analytical applications, such as Karl Fischer titration, Nessler's Reagent, Biuret Reagent, Griess-Illosvay's Reagent and many others.


All Inorganic Standards are Certified Reference Materials, produced and calibrated under the quality system of our partners that is:

  • ISO 9001 certified.
  • accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 - Testing
  • accredited according to ISO 17034 - Reference Material Producer