Ion Chromatography Image Map

Ion Chromatography Image Map
On-line Degasser Eluent Generator Conductivity cell Suppresor Column Oven Column Guard Column Valves Pump

On-line Degasser

Degassers improve the precision and reliability of fluidic instruments by removing dissolved gases from fluids before they outgas and form problematic bubbles. There are three main types of bubble removal. Systec AF-based degassers offer the widest range of chemical compatibility and are used to eliminate retention shifts and baseline fluctuations. Silicone-based degassers provide the highest flow rates for water-based systems, such as diagnostic and life science instruments, to improve dispensing accuracy and reliability. Poridex-based products provide rapid bubble removal in areas where bubble formation cannot be avoided.

Eluent Generator

Eluent generation allows the automatic production of high purity ion chromatography (IC) eluents. This is made possible through precise control of the electric current applied to the electrolysis of water to generate hydroxide and hydronium ions. Eluent generation eliminates the need to manually prepare eluents from concentrated acids and bases. The only routine reagent needed is deionized water. Furthermore, since the instrument pump seals and pistons only come in contact with deionized water instead of acids and bases which can precipitate, overall pump maintenance is significantly reduced.

Conductivity cell

The conductivity detector continuously measures the conductivity of the eluate by applying a voltage on electrodes in the solution. The patented constant temperature design of the conductivity detector can reduce the influence of temperature fluctuation, shield electromagnetic interference, increase signal sensitivity, and reduce baseline fluctuation and drift.


Self-regenerating Electrolytic Micro-membrane Suppressor

  • With advanced continuous regenerating membrane electro-suppression technology, does not need acid or alkali for regeneration.
  • High suppression capacity, low background conductance, low noise, stable baseline and maintenance free.
  • High pressure resistance and long service life.
  • Compatible with 100% organic solvents.
  • It fits with various types of ion chromatography products.
  • The signal line is connected with aeronautical connector, easy to disassemble and assemble.

Column Oven



The separation column for high performance ion chromatography (IC) is often referred to as the "heart" of the ion chromatograph. The reason for this designation is simple: the column is responsible for separating the analytes of interest from each other and preventing them from interfering with the ions of the sample matrix. The unique separation capabilities of IC columns allow for the identification of multiple analytes in a single run.

Guard Column

A guard column is a protective column or cartridge installed between the injector and the analytical column. It is used to remove the impurities and suspended solids from reaching the analytical column. Normally, it has a length of about 2 cm and an inner diameter of 4.6 mm.


Valves are an integral part of advanced fluid- handling solutions for a wide range of analytical instrumentation and clinical diagnostic systems. Target Analysis offers manual valves for lower frequency of use and rotary shear valves that meet the high duty cycle requirements of Chromatography. Valves come in high pressure and low pressure versions to meet your system requirements. Automated fluidic valves are uniquely designed to accommodate today's demanding analytical methods.


The binary gradient pump uses technology to overcome the challenges of pumping IC/LC solvents at high pressure with low pulsation and is designed to fulfil the needs for high pressure mixing tasks. It contains two identical high-pressure pumps,a 2-channel inlet solvent selection valve and the new developed mixer, a low-volume mixing device. The integrated degasser and inline filter are completing the analytical IC/HPLC pump and turn this pump into a working horse in the lab.