AZURA Organizer

for attachment of columns and FPLC accessoires to an AZURA device or system

The AZURA Organizer is a small but very useful item in AZURA FPLC systems.

It is utilized to organize FPLC equipment like columns (5 to 26 mm OD), Falcon tubes, back pressure regulators, and pH sensors within an FPLC system. While accessories are attached to the organizer via a simple clamping mechanism, the AZURA organizer itself can be attached to any side panel of an AZURA L instrument via AZURA Click technology, allowing you to freely position accessories on the AZURA FPLC system as you see fit.

The standard scope of delivery includes clamps of three different sizes (12 mm clamps: 6 pcs., 16 mm clamps: 4 pcs., 25 mm clamps: 2 pcs.), which you can use as follows:

12 mm clamp

  • columns with outer diameter up to 13 mm (Example: 1 ml FPLC cartridges)

16 mm clamp

  • 15 ml centrifuge tube
  • back pressure regulator
  • for columns with outer diameter up to 16 mm (Example: 5 ml FPLC cartridges)

25 mm clamp

  • 50 ml centrifuge tubes
  • for columns with outer diameter up to 26 mm (Example: 50 ml Superloop)


  • For longer columns, like SEC columns, use two AZURA Organizer.


Dimensions140 x 114 x 35.7 mm (w x h x d)
AZURA Organizer
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