Preparative HPLC pump with 100 ml/min pump head, stainless steel

AZURA preparative HPLC pump P 2.1L covers wide flow rate range and pressure capabilities. It has been designed for purification of mg and gram samples. The Mobile Control allows intuitive control in stand-alone operation. The integrated automatic recognition of the pump head with RFID technology allows fast adaptions of the pump for various applications.

General information

Max. flow rate100 ml/min
Flow rate increment0.01 ml/min
Pressure range
Maximum delivery pressure [psi]5800 psi
Maximum delivery pressure [MPa]40 MPa
Maximum delivery pressure [bar]400 bar
Pump head materialsStainless Steel
Maximum viscosity1000 cP
Liquid temperature range4−60 °C (39.2−140 °F)
Leak managementyes
Wetted materialssapphire, ruby, GFP (graphite fiber reinforced PTFE), FFKM, PEEK, stainless steel, Zirconium oxide, Titanium
Pump featuresPiston seal wash, Leak management, Purge valve (manual), RFID for automatic pump head detection, Active pulsation compensation, Integrated pressure sensor


Power supply100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Dimensions361 x 208,2 x 523 mm (W x H x D)
Weight19 kg
Leak sensoryes
Ambient conditionstemperature range: 10–40 °C; 50–104 °F
air humidity: below 90 % humidity (non condensing)
Best working conditions1-80 ml/min
Continuous working conditions1-40 ml/min
Flow rate accuracy± 2 %
Flow rate accuracy conditionsmeasured at 5 – 50 % of flow range using ethanol/water 10:90
Flow rate precision< 0.1 % RSD
Flow rate precision conditionsmeasured at 5 – 50 % of flow range using ethanol/water 10:90
HPG: gradient accuracy± 2 % (5 – 95 %, measured at 5 – 50 % of flow range, water/caffeine tracer)
HPG: gradient precision1 % RSD, based on retention time at constant room temperature
LPG: gradient accuracy± 3 % (5 – 95 %, measured at 5 – 50 % of the flow range, water/caffeine tracer)
LPG: gradient precision2 % RSD, based on retention time at constant room
Active piston seal wash+
Piston seal washing+
Pump Outlet threadFemale M8 x 1 (coned)
Pump head inlet (standard)M8 x 1 (flat bottom)
Pump head outlet (standard)M8 x 1 (coned)
ControlLAN; analog and event controlled
Inputsflow rate
Outputspressure; 8 event outputs (TTL, OC, relays)
Analog inputs0-10 V
Analog outputs1, 2 or 5 V
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