Backpressure Regulator

Backpressure Regulator 1-20 bar

Pressure decrease after the column can lead to formation of air bubbles in the detector flow cell resulting in baseline noise and drift. The backpressure regulator provides a quick and convenient way to improve the stability of detector baseline by providing a constant backpressure on the flow cell, which stops the release of dissolved gases from the mobile phase. The backpressure regulator has a completely biocompatible fluid path with a low dead volume. A spring-loaded diaphragm provides the force that generates the backpressure. Spring tension may be adjusted to vary the backpressure without disconnecting any lines. The pressure is adjustable between 1-20 bar with pressure resistance up to 20 bar.

General information

MaterialPEEK, Polyimid
Backpressure Regulator
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