Biocompatible column selction valve

Column Selection Valve VICI for 5 columns, 1 bypass, reverse flow, 12 ports, 1/16“, 50 bar

Switch automatically between 5 columns and one bypass using the column selection valve. The bypass option gives you the possibility to rinse your system with higher flowrates without damaging your columns. Furthermore, it is possible to reverse the flow. This option has certain advantages. In affinity chromatography you can elute your sample in reversed flow and thereby increase the concentration while decreasing the sample volume. Another big advantage is the reversed flow column cleaning option. By this, you elute contamination the shortest way and minimize damage to the column. Wetted parts of the valve are PAEK for the stator and CTFE for the rotor. The maximal flowrate for the valve is 50 ml/min.

The valve can not be operated via an Assistant ASM 2.2L but always requires the standalone AZURA valve Drive VU 4.1

Valve Details

FunctionBypass, Column selection, Reverse flow
Capillary connection1/16″
Bore size [mm]0.4 mm
Thread10-32 UNF
Max. pressure [bar]50 bar
Max. pressure [MPa]5 MPa
Max. pressure [psi]725 psi
Port number12
Stator materialPAEK
Rotor materialPTFE
Valve Drivenot included
Operatedelectrical by VU 4.1


DimensionsValve diameter: 44.2 mm
Weight0.2 kg
Ambient conditionsTemperature range: 4–40 °C; 39.2–104 °F; below 90 % humidity (non condensing)
Biocompatible column selction valve
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