CaptiveSpray Ion Source

The key to performance and reliability for nano-flow MS

CaptiveSpray ionization (CSI) provides the next step in the evolution of LC/ESI-MS by bridging the gap between ESI and NSI (NanoSpray Ionization) in terms of sensitivity, flow rates, and robustness. CSI utilizes the vacuum of the MS to pull in gas around the emitter, desolvating and funneling all the sample ions into the MS, resulting in sensitivity comparable to NSI over a wide range of LC flow rates. Its “Plug and Play” operation requires no positioning mechanisms or cameras for setup and provides 24/7 robustness for many LCMS applications. Since CSI works at nano and capillary flows, it can be used in a wide range of applications that require high sensitivity, high resolution, high throughput and high capacity with robust operation.


  • Boosts nanoflow sensitivity
  • Pushes up ID rates
  • Ease of Use
  • Enables Glycoanalysis
  • Supercharges capability
  • Smart Ionization Support by Dopant-enriched Gas Supply
CaptiveSpray Ion Source
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