DART Consumables Highlights

Bruker’s consumables for DART analysis broaden the reach of mass spec both in and outside the lab

Rapid Analyses

Efficient sampling, remove time consuming steps from traditional MS analyses


Ensuring reproducible measurement for every sample


Suitable for sampling of a broad range of analytes

DIP-it® Samplers provide a convenient means to prepare and position samples for DART analysis.

Available in 96-well plate format, sampling is simple: just dip the tip and present for analysis in seconds. No preparation required. The tips can be used with both liquids and solids, and are compatible with a variety of 100 microliter volume pipettors. Ionization occurs in seconds.

Perfect for use with DART-OS and DART JumpShot®, sample pick-up and analysis can be automated, for high-throughput repetitive analysis.

DIP-it® ensure consistent presentation of samples for rapid analyses.

DIP-it® Samplers
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