DIP | Direct Insertion Probe

Direct analysis of liquid and solid samples without tedious sample preparation. Add-on for the Bruker APCI II and APPI II ion sources.

In routine organic synthesis analyses, it simplifies the identification and characterization of chemical reaction products without compromising sensitivity.

  • Extremely sensitive down to the sub-ng range of pure substance
  • Minimum sample preparation
  • Direct analysis of liquid & solid samples
  • Short analysis time
  • No memory due to single-use glass tubes

Target Applications

  • General Chemistry → Synthesis control
  • Manual quality control of solids (Pharma, oil, explosives)
  • Customs → Drugs of abuse, explosives
  • Homeland security
  • Environmental
  • Thermal degradation processes (plastic production)
  • Classical routine analysis (e.g. confirmation of sum formula)

Direct injection Probe with APCI for ID synthetic compounds

This example reveals the unambiguous identification of a synthetic compound using the autoMSn capability of an amaZon SL ion trap system. During the vaporization of solid (refer to TIC insert) data-dependent MS2 and MS3 spectra are taken. Note that after a simple neutral loss in MS2, MS3 provides rich structural information.

Direct injection Probe with APPI for QC in Production

The example reveals the results of a quick manual QC and Comparison of petroleum cuts with an amaZon SL. The three candidates gas oil vacuum gas oil and vacuum residue are clearly distinguishable without any sample preparation and no memory-effect due to single use sample tubes.

Direct Insertion Probe (DIP)
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