EuroOsmo 7400

a user-friendly software developed for the freezing point Osmometers K-7400 and K-7400S

EuroOsmo 7400 allows control of the instruments and recording of the measured data. The software automatically plots the temperature curve for each measurement and calibration and allows saving of the measured values. As with the instrument itself, the user can choose between freezing point depression or osmolality to be displayed also in the software. The data can optionally be exported into xls or txt files for further analysis. For archival storage a detailed analysis report can additionally be printed.


Software nameEuroOsmo 7400
Operating systemWindows XP or later Windows OS


Recommended PC hardwareIn general, EuroOsmo 7400 is working on every PC that is suited for one of the listed operating systems. One RS-232 port is required for connection to the instrument.
EuroOsmo 7400
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