Interface Box IFU 2.1 LAN

4 channels, LAN connection, including accessories

The interface box IFU 2.1 LAN allows highly precise analog acquisition of data and control of 3rd party modules over analog and relay outputs. The IFU 2.1 LAN is required only if the respective instrument cannot be controlled or data recorded by the KNAUER software directly (digital I/O). The IFU 2.1 LAN provides 4-channel input/output. It supports high-speed chromatography at sample rates of up to 50 Hz if only one channel is used. It can be used with every KNAUER product.

The power supply is not included. It can be implemented with the power supply unit F1518, when only the interface box is used in a system. For systems that include also the air or pressure sensors (AZG10-1, A70092, A70093, A70083) we recommend the 24 V distribution box, that supplies up to six devices.


Analog inputs4 x multiplexed, bipolar, differential; 24-bit resolution; input range: ≤ 2,5 V; ≤ 1,5 V; ≤ 675 mV; ≤ 320 mV, programmable by software (same setting for all channels), Data acquisition rate: 1 – 10 Hz (4 channels), up to 50 Hz (channel 1 exclusively)
Analog outputs4 x single-ended unipolar, output range: 0 to +10 V, 12 bit resolution, 2.5 mV steps
Digital inputs4 inputs, grounded contact or TTL/CMOS or TTL/Open collector compatible
Digital outputs4 outputs, single pole double throw (SPDT) electromechanical relays


Power supplyvia Distribution Box (AZS80SA)
Dimensions105 x 26 x 161,5 mm (W x H x D)
Weight0.35 kg
Interface Box IFU 2.1 LAN
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