Multi Column Base

column rack for up to 3 preparative HPLC columns

The Multi Column Base serves as a holder for up to 3 columns with inner diameter up to 50 mm. It is especially made for preparative column solutions.

The Multi Column Base is specially designed for KNAUER high resolution HPLC columns but can also accommodate any conventional LC or FPLC column using rack adapters.

  • flexible assembly of up to 3 columns, of different or equal size, or other equipment and other columns
  • well suited for the assembly of stainless steel preparative HPLC columns as well as FPLC glasscolumns
  • includes drip tray
  • includes 4 x bosshead squared, 1 x 3-finger clamps, long shaft finger; 1 x 3-finger clamps, short shaft; 1 x clamps, long shaft; 1 x clamps, short shaft
  • further cramps and boss heads can be ordered separately according to the user´s need


Dimensions43 x 70 x 34 cm (w x h x d)
Multi Column Base
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