SenCell Au HyREF high sensitivity electrochemical flow cell

for Electrochemical Detector AZURA ECD 2.1

The SenCell is a new generation electrochemical flow cell specifically designed for highest sensitivity. The tool-free assembly and the stepless adjustable working volume guarantee ease of use and fast stabilization. The volume of the cell is small and can be adjusted between 0 and 300 nL. The cell is ideally suited to run with applications covering normal-bore HPLC down to capillary UHPLC dimensions.

  • Reference electrode: HyREF (Pd/H2)
  • Working electrode: Au
  • Typical application: 4-Step PAD for Carbohydrates

Flow Cell

Flow cell typeElectrochemical flow cell
Fiber optics versionNo
Connection of flow cellCell cable for use with electrochemical detector
Capillary connection1/16” o.d. PEEK tubing, with 10-32 PTCFE fingertight connections
Wetted materialsPCTFE, glassy carbon, stainless steel, PEEK, silicone, Pd/H2, Au
Flow cell volume0 – 300 nL (adjustable)
Maximum pressure5 bar
NoteCell type: Three electrodes, wall-jet flow cell. Reference electrode: HyREF (Pd/H2), Working electrode: Au
SenCell Au HyREF high sensitivity electrochemical flow cell
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