CHROSPE Cartridges

At the heart of the CHRONECT Symbiosis online-SPE systems is the CHROSPE cartridge. The CHROSPE cartridge range has been specifically developed for the CHRONECT Symbiosis on-line SPE system. This all-important SPE consumable is responsible for the efficient and reproducible extraction of analytes from samples, with maximum recoveries.

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10 x 2 mm ID, PVDF – 250 bar cartridges

Part numberDescription
AS-SP-0622.001CHROspe C2, 8 µm
AS-SP-0622.002CHROspe C8, 7 µm
AS-SP-0622.003CHROspe C18 HD, 7 µm
AS-SP-0622.004CHROspe C8 EC, 10 µm
AS-SP-0622.005CHROspe C18 EC, 8 µm
AS-SP-0622.006CHROspe CN, 8 µm
AS-SP-0622.007CHROspe Polymer SAX, 25–35 µm
AS-SP-0622.008CHROspe Polymer SCX, 25–35 µm
AS-SP-0622.009CHROspe Polymer DVB, 25–35 µm
AS-SP-0622.010CHROspe-Harz SH, 15–25 µm
AS-SP-0622.011CHROspe PLRP-s, 15–20 µm
AS-AS-2000CHROspe Glyphosat (as for CPP project batch)
AS-SP-0622.020CHROspe Method development Tray 250 bar
AS-SP-0822.001CHROspe Cartridge Packaging Program – Test batch
AS-SP-0822.002CHROspe Cartridge Packaging Program – Project batch

10 x 1 mm ID, PEEK – 1,000 bar cartridges

Part numberDescription
AS-SP-0621.001CHROspe C2, 8 μm
AS-SP-0621.002CHROspe C8, 7 μm
AS-SP-0621.003CHROspe C18 HD, 7 μm
AS-SP-0621.004CHROspe Phenyl
AS-SP-0621.005CHROspe Polymer DVB, 25–35 μm
AS-SP-0621.006CHROspe Polymer SAX, 25–35 μm
AS-SP-0621.007CHROspe Polymer-WACHS, 25–35 μm
AS-SP-0621.008CHROspe Polymer SCX, 25–35 μm
AS-SP-0621.009CHROspe Polymer WCX, 25–35 μm
AS-SP-0621.010CHROspe HILIC
AS-SP-0621.020CHROspe Method development Tray 1,000 bar
AS-SP-0821.001CHROspe Cartridge Packaging Program – Test batch
AS-SP-0821.002CHROspe Cartridge Packaging Program – Project batch
SPE Cartridges
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