DART Consumables Highlights

Bruker’s consumables for DART analysis broaden the reach of mass spec both in and outside the lab

Rapid Analyses

Efficient sampling, remove time consuming steps from traditional MS analyses


Ensuring reproducible measurement for every sample


Suitable for sampling of a broad range of analytes

SPE-it™ tips
Formed from SPME fibers, SPE-it™ tips deliver a SPME device in the form of an easy-to-handle micropipette tip. Specifically designed for use with the integrated DART SPE-it™ kit, they permit the isolation of analytes from aqueous solutions and direct analysis by DART-MS. Perfect for use with DART-OS and DART JumpShot® for automated analyses.

SPE-it™ tips have 10 mm of exposed fiber which is contacted directly with the sample matrix. The SPME fibers extract the analyte of interest while at the same time leaving behind salts and other molecules that can cause ion suppression. Fibers are coated with either C18 or PDMS-DVB bonded silica embedded in a biocompatible polymer to optimize performance for the analyte of interest. 

SPE-it™ tips, in combination with the DART SPE-it™ kit enable a streamlined and effective workflow – manual or automatic (robotic) – for analyzing biological matrices.

Contact the tip with the sample. Load the well plates with no further sample processing. Discard the used tips.

Analytes can subsequently be extracted from the fiber for confirmation by LC/MS if required.

SPE-it™ tips are shipped in a standard 96-well format tray. The DART SPE-it™ kit comes with:

  • 5 96 well plates 
  • 96 SPME fiber
  • Deep Well Plate shaker
  • 2 SPME holders (each holds 12 fibers) and module for use with automation hardware

Additional fibers are available in 8 pack units, 96 fibers per pack. Use SPE-it™ tips to rapidly establish an effective DART-MS workflow for your analyte, to rapidly screen for drugs of abuse, pesticides and many other molecules. 

SPE-it™ tips
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