Vessel Covers

Keep media evaporation to a minimum with Teledyne Hanson Easi-Lock vessel covers. The Easi-Lock cover comes in two distinct styles: the standard Easi-Lock and Easi-Lock ADD (Auto-Dosage Delivery).

The ADD™ cover is ideal for suspensions, solid dosage forms, and sinkers. Both cover styles are available for use with all Vision Easi-Lock vessels. The conical shape on the underside of the cover allows condensation to drip back into the vessel. Notches provide precise alignment with vessels. Easi-Lock covers provide ports for manual and automated sampling, digital temperature probes, and return-to-vessel probes.

Easi-Lock and Easi-Lock ADD covers are compatible with the 6-vessel Vision G2 Classic 6, the 8-vessel Vision G2 Elite 8, and 14-vessel CD14 Comparative Dissolution testers.

Vessel Covers


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