Adam Equipment

Adam Equipment is a leading weighing scale manufacturer with headquarters based in the UK. They provide professional weighing equipment for a wide range of markets, including industrial, laboratory, educational, medical, veterinary, and retail.

Discover more about Adam Equipment

Adam Equipment started in 1972 with the goal to provide quality weighing equipment and services at affordable prices, offering superior value to its customers. Adam scales and balances are sold throughout the world, supported by a diversified network of distributors. The company’s products are available through catalog distribution and dealers, who can provide additional application sales and technical services.

Adam Equipment is an ISO 9001 manufacturer with research and development based in the UK head office. The company meets or exceed most international manufacturing standards and regulations. Adam Equipment and OEM branded products are used by various customers daily. You will see Adam products in the scientific, medical, educational, industrial, manufacturing, and retail sectors, to mention just a few. Customers rely on Adam Equipment to provide them with consistent and accurate results.

Throughout the company’s history, Adam has grown and gained market share, thanks to the support of its loyal dealers.

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