Axel Semrau

Axel Semrau has been selling and developing system solutions for chromatography and mass spectrometry for 40 years.

One focus is the efficient automation of complex workflows in the laboratory. Sample preparation and analysis techniques of GC-MS and LC-MS are integrated into one workstation. To be able to realize this, Axel Semrau developed its own hardware and software. In particular, this enables the work processes to be structured efficiently in terms of time. Therefore, the basis of the automation, the self-developed control software CHRONOS, was named after the god of time.

The automation solutions are marketed under the brand name CHRONECT.

Worldwide support as an OEM dealer

In 2019, as an OEM dealer, Axel Semrau took over the worldwide support of the resellers of the Dutch manufacturer Spark Holland BV. CHRONECT Symbiosis couples automatic sample preparation with effective online SPE, enabling the analysis of glyphosate in food, for example. Its own solutions are sold through dealers all over the world.


Axel Semrau is well-known for innovative and reliable solutions, especially in the field of food analysis. But there are also possible uses for water and environmental analysis or the pharmaceutical sector. In the 1990s and 2000s, the company grew particularly with natural gas analysis and odorization control.

The people behind the technology

The employees behind the technology are crucial to Axel’s success.

To be able to provide customers with reliable and personal support even in times of change, more than 50 employees are currently working in the areas of research and application development, technology and customer service, sales and marketing, administration and logistics. The team consists mainly of employees with scientific knowledge in chemistry, biology, IT and economics. The team is increasingly being supplemented by young colleagues who learn from the “old hands” but also bring in a breath of fresh air.

A total of five trainees are learning in the IT and commercial areas. Individual development opportunities for employees prevent the shortage of skilled workers and help the next generation to prepare for their tasks. In this way, the company can be safely guided into the future and promote the development of innovative analysis methods.


The company has been a certified training company by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce since 2004 and has been certified according to DIN ISO 9001 since 2008.

“The chemistry is right with us!”

Axel Semrau

Axel Semrau

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