Cinel Strumenti Scientifici was founded in Padua in the ’70s with a technical partnership of INFN LNL Legnaro Laboratory on particle accelerator projects. Since then, has been involved in some of the most challenging projects all over Europe.

A new activity branch started in 2005, profiting from the expertise gained in years of R&D programs finalized to high precision mechanics in several research fields; a complete range of analytical gas supply generators has been devolved (nitrogen, hydrogen, and zero air), widening the business area to the laboratory analytical instrumentation.

Cinel has acquired professional knowledge in the field of gas generators.

Since the beginning, the new division has been devoted to designing and producing analytical gas generators rapidly renowned in Italy first than in Europe and outside Europe.

Thanks to the positive impact and to the very promising results on the market, the analytical gas generators branch activity in the end of 2014 was separated from the main company “Strumenti Scientifici Cinel” and the new company “CINEL SRL Gas Generators Technology” has been founded.

Cinel in an ISO 9001 qualified company.

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