Fameco was founded in the year 2000 in Strasbourg, France, and is the: European leader in high-end refurbishing of laboratory and medical equipment.

Since the beginning, the founders of Fameco have revolutionized the market of second-hand equipment by proposing a serious well-organized and well-documented quality refurbishment which enables laboratories, clinics and hospitals around the world to have access to high-quality equipment and service at a low price.This has positioned Fameco among the absolute leaders worldwide for refurbished equipment. Fameco started out with clinical laboratory equipment, but our know-how has developped to also include analytical laboratory equipment as well as general medical/hospital equipment.

The processes which are certified ISO 9001 are basically identical for the whole product range, thus ensuring the same high quality for all sold equipment.

The equipment is purchased second-hand and transported to our warehouse, waiting to be sold. All proposed equipment is in stock. It will be refurbished upon order following the requirements of the customer. In 2020 Fameco moved to our newly constructed plant outside Strasbourg, France, with 3600 m² of top modern facilities for the technical work as well as the commercial and administrative departments. Fameco also has an office in Denmark.

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