The history of Greyhound Chromatography

Established in 1981, Greyhound Chromatography has been supplying high-quality Chromatography consumables to Research and Analysis laboratories around the world for 40 years.

Greyhound Chromatography is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality chromatography columns, consumables, certified reference standards and materials, research chemicals, solvents, reagents, and laboratory consumables available today. Greyhound supplies scientists working in all disciplines, including HPLC and Gas Chromatography. Greyhound Chromatography is probably the leading single source of chromatography products and chemical standards anywhere in the world.

One Million Products, One Single Supplier

Greyhound’s extensive range covers all areas of Environmental, Petrochemical, Food, Fragrance, Forensics, Chemical and Pharmaceutical analysis.

Greyhound prides itself on personal service, which provides prompt, efficient, cost-effective, safe delivery of all products. With state-of-the art facilities and highly trained staff, Greyhound provides technical advice and distribution of Chromatography consumables across all disciplines.

Greyhound manufactures its own range of Capillary Columns, Syringe Filters, SPE Cartridges and HPLC Columns, the ‘Q’ Range, as well as representing the industry’s best-known manufacturers.

Our Collaboration

Target Analysis is an authorized distributor of Greyhound products in Greece! We have started our cooperation since the first steps of our company! We have been maintaining this partnership for almost ten years now and our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers to meet their laboratory needs! Through Greyhound we can offer you unique products such as isotope certified reference standards, HPLC column heaters, HPLC columns, UHPLC columns and many other products related to chromatography.

A partner you can trust!

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