IDEX Health & Science

IDEX Health & Science is the global leader in life science fluidics, microfluidics, and optics, offering a three-fold advantage to customers by bringing optofluidic paths to life with:

  • strategic partnerships
  • breakthrough solutions
  • proven expertise

“Partnership will change the way the world innovates, leading to new technologies that improve our health, protect our planet, and enrich our lives.”

IDEX Health & Science

Breakthrough Solutions
You Envision a Brighter Future.
We’ll Light the Path.

When companies partner, we all go farther.

IDEX is the forerunner in life science fluidics and optics! Comprehensive line of products, team of optofluidics experts, and innovative engineering capabilities. These integrated assets work seamlessly together to enable your pathways beyond the combination of components.

IDEX optimizes optofluidic paths to provide the best solution!

  • Analytical Instruments
  • Diagnostic Instruments
  • Biotechnology & Life Sciences

IDEX is the premier provider of engineered fluidic and optics products and related sub-systems to the life sciences market.

Innovates and manufactures fluidic components and assemblies that work within a broad range of performance parameters to support your application from concept, to prototype, and then to final production.

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