Witeg Labortechnik GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory glassware, custom-built glassware, liquid handling articles, electronic instruments, and equipment.

Witeg Labortechnik GmbH was founded in the year 1960 to develop glass devices. Nowadays, Witeg can offer everything for laboratories.
The products fulfill the very high demands in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and medical sectors and are delivered to more than 100 countries worldwide. The company’s philosophy is preliminary quality for the customer. The quality management system of witeg Labortechnik was officially certified in 1994 by the DIN EN ISO 9001 to guarantee the highest international quality standards.

German engineering and technology knowledge is the footing of many inventions, especially in the laboratory industry when it comes to devices and consumables.

Witeg’s electronic devices result from their ideas and are developed with South Korean partners in excellent economic manufacturing philosophy. The materials are of superior quality to ensure a long-lasting, interference-free application. The electronic components are always up-to-date, and we are continuously working on their further development. In general, all devices have the advantage of being identical when it comes to design. Moreover, all components, technical elements, spare parts, etc., match the same manufacturing philosophy. This advantage becomes very clear during a potentially necessary after-sales service since the company is capable of helping in a warranty case.

Witeg can reduce the production costs due to mass production, so Target Analysis can generally offer products competitively and at reasonable prices.

The whole process also contains the guidance of ISO 9001.

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