XS Instruments

XS Instruments is an Italian brand that deals with producing and distributing laboratory and process scientific instruments.

It was born in 2001, owned by Giorgio Bormac .r.l., and aims to provide high quality but economical instrumentation, of use but high reliability, always easy to use and with everything necessary to work.

XS Instruments deals with electrochemistry: pH meters, conductivity meters, oximeters, thermometers, refractometers and multi-parameters, portable and benchtop, and centrifuges.

On the other hand, XS Sensor concerns sensors: pH electrodes, conductivity cells, Oxy sensors, and temperature probes. The pH electrodes, for laboratory and process, are produced in Switzerland and tested in Italy to maintain a very high-quality standard. It boasts a wide range of electrodes, with the aim of covering every possible application.

XS Green Line is the family of buffered solutions, produced in Italy and available both in the Basic version for normal use and in the Professional version, guaranteed and accredited. Different volumes useful for every need, from portable vials to 5 l canisters.

XS Balance represents the line of laboratory and industrial scales that we have been marketing since 2016. These scales are produced according to the XS directives to meet high-performance standards at an affordable price. We deal from analytics to thermobalances, passing through techniques and industrial ones.

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