Needle Types

FN, Fixed Needle

This termination is found on CTC chromatography syringes. The unique design features a direct attachment of the needle to the barrel and eliminates contact between the sample solvent and the adhesive reducing carry-over.

RN, Removable Needle

This specific design allows for the needles to be removed or replaced with a small or large RN Hub needle. The design allows the needles to seat precisely at the zero graduation mark of the syringe. Users can select the needle gauge, length, and point style to optimize the syringe for custom applications.

LT, Luer Tip

The needles are removable and fit over a ground glass hub which is tapered in the shape of a male Luer. This termination increases the dead volume in the syringe, which may not be appropriate for some applications. Autoclavable when disassembled.

SN, Special Needle Cone

Customized syringes with special needles.

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