Target Analysis, in collaboration with manufacturers from all over the world, offers a comprehensive range of precision and analytical balances created for laboratories. Rugged construction and intelligent features make our portfolio ideal for all laboratory applications, including chemical weighing, pharmaceutical processing, and quality control-checking. Designed for laboratory professionals, the digital balances are easy to set up and operate, providing reliable weighing results and simplifying complex measurement tasks.

  • Research and development laboratories rely on us! Balances for weighing chemicals, powders and other samples.
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories use analytical and precision balances for research and development, for quality control during production, and in pilot testing.
  • Food processing and manufacturing facilities use our unique portfolio of laboratory balances because we outcompete in quality assurance testing to achieve consistent production quality and to ensure items meet standards.

Researchers and lab professionals turn to Target Analysis for laboratory weighing solutions that deliver speed, performance and exceptional value!

Analytical Balances

Target Analysis offers analytical balances that provide solutions for the most complex and precise weighing tasks from formulation, statistical analysis, density determination, purity analysis to conformance testing.

Calibration Weights

The weight sets provide the highest level of accuracy. They are ideal for calibration of analytical and precision balances.

Moisture Analyzers

Precise measurements of moisture in a wide range of materials and substances

Portable Balances

Potable balances are a very special category that Target Analysis offers you. This product line has everything you need for lab work, field use, and various educational and industrial applications.

Precision Balances

Precision balances offer higher capacity than analytical and semi-microbalances, with fine readings up to 15 kg and readability down to 0.001 g. They are also less susceptible to environmental changes and can be stabilized more quickly and easily.
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