Conductivity Meters

The conductivity meters are digital instruments useful to measure electrical conductivity in liquids. The conductivity is a critical parameter in water analysis. Like every physical parameter also, conductivity is affected by temperature variations, so many conductivity cells include inside temperature sensors to compensate for this variation.
A full range of bench and portable instruments for measurement in laboratory and field applications.
Find products that simultaneously measure conductivity and temperature; they feature stability and calibration data indications. All instruments have an IP 57 certification to guarantee good protection on field applications. The value measured is in µS/cm or mS/cm.

Target Markets: Chemical industry, laboratory, typography, school and University, wastewater treatment, cooling towers, and boilers.

There are different cells for different ranges of measurements:

  • Cell with constant C=0.1, range of measurement 0,1 µS – 1 mS
  • Cell with constant C=1, range of measurement 10 µS – 10 mS
  • Cell with constant C=10, range of measurement 100 µS – 200 mS


A new line of bench top conductimeters


New models of portable conductimeters
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