pH Meters

pH meters are digital instruments used to measure the pH value in a product or an aqueous solution. The pH is the negative logarithm of H+ ion concentration in a solution; mathematically speaking: pH =- log[H+]

Values: 0 to 7 for acidity and 7 to 14 for basicity

Target Applications: food industry, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, galvanic, etc. 

The pH measurement consists of the following:

  •   an indicator with a digital display
  •   pH electrode( pH sensor)
  •   connection cable

pH measurement is affected by temperature variation. To correct this type of alteration, pH meters are constructed with temperature probes to balance the electrode’s answer. 

pH Meter Type: portables or bench-top equipment


  • Power supply and dimensions
  • Portables are smaller and with battery power supply
  • Bench-meters are useful for lab work and usually come with an arm stand.


A new line of bench-top pH meters


New models of portable pHmeters
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