Filtration & Separation

Target Analysis offers high-quality products for your laboratory in collaboration with manufacturers who have the knowledge and experience in the field of development and innovation.

The Filtration & Separation super family category is a collection of product categories that share the idea of separating molecules based on their physical behavior under specific conditions. They utilize the molecular size, density, centrifugal force, boiling point, and pressure of any given state of matter. In addition, solute separation can be accomplished by effectively combining more than one physical property in a single technique.

All subcategories and featured products are unique and have excellent performance!

Exploring this category you will find systems such as centrifuge, distillation, extraction equipment, laboratory filtration, rotary evaporator, and vacuum filtration. Various types, materials, sizes, and options are available.

Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrators

Maximum throughput required by biochemistry, analytical chemistry laboratories, microbiology labs


Target Analysis' centrifuge portfolio ranges from the microcentrifuge line to high-performance benchtop and floor standing models. Centrifuges for general-purpose uses provide superior quality, reproducibility, and reliable performance.

Extraction Apparatus

Choose from various extraction heaters to address Kjeldahl determination on a macro or micro scale. Use soxhlet extraction glassware systems for continuous extraction of solids with a suitable solvent.

Lab Filtration

From filter paper to sterile filtration products to special application filtration, Target Analysis has the products and brands to meet all of your filtration needs.

Water Stills

Water distillation systems, also known as water stills, provide a method of water purification in which water is heated to a gaseous state and recondensed in a separate vessel.
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