Extensive line | rotors, buckets, adapters, consumables


Target Analysis‘ centrifuge portfolio ranges from the microcentrifuge line to high-performance benchtop and floor standing models.

Centrifuges for general-purpose uses provide superior quality, reproducibility, and reliable performance.

Over the past decade, Target Analysis has provided centrifugation solutions for research and routine analysis laboratories in Greece. The innovative centrifugation technology has helped our customers in life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostics, and academic and industrial sectors.

An extensive line of centrifuge rotors is also available to meet your specific application needs, designed for a variety of sample volumes, g-forces, and RPMs. To support this portfolio, we also offer consumables such as tubes, buckets, and adapters made of the durable materials you need for your research.

Floor Standing

Provide the best-operating conditions for your samples, for your laboratory!


Provide superior quality, reproducibility, and reliable performance


Expertly designed for small volume samples


High-quality centrifuges to deliver superior performance
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