Nitrogen Generators

N2(g) is usually used to remove sample solvents to prevent them from reaching LC/MS parts where they are not required. Nitrogen will eradicate solvents before they reach the detectors and alter assay quality. The various ways nitrogen can be employed within an LC/MS are outlined below.

  • Electrospray Ionization Detectors (ESI) – N2(g) effectively produce a mist of charged droplets within the detector. The N2(g) helps to separate the solvent from the ionized samples.
  • Curtain Gas – N2(g) as a separation medium splits the sample and its solvent atoms before entering the vacuum chamber of the MS unit.
  • Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Detectors – A jet of N2 sprays the samples on a heater unit which carries out the ionization process.


  • Footprint requirements
  • Minimal attention required
  • Fully automated systems
  • Minimal to no maintenance
  • Environmental friendly systems

N2(g) Concentrations Supplied: < 99.0% – satisfactory for LC/MS systems


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