Laboratory Mixers

There is a wide variety of laboratory mixer designs available in today’s market. Laboratory mixers are of paramount importance in a lab and are designed to mix liquids ranging from milliliters to multiple liters. There are several different types of lab mixers to cover all the applications. 

Things to consider when purchasing a mixer for your lab are the: 

  • speed
  • capacity, and
  • space required

Target Applications: cell culture, microbial culture, PCR, genomics and proteomics, gel and blot, clinical chemistry, hematology, dissolving, suspending, mixing media and chemicals.

Magnetic Stirrers

Reliable and durable quality

Overhead Stirrers

Effectively mix liquids and samples

Rocker Mixer

Mixing a wide range of sample types

Roller Mixers

Soft but efficient mixing

Rotator Mixer

Benchtop-sized robust equipment


Precisely designed to be robust

Vortex Mixer

Continuous operation or touch-on modes
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