Jeio Tech – Water Bath (BW B series)

Product Code for 3.5L: AAH46012K

Product Code for 11.5L: AAH46012K

Product Code for 3.5L: AAH46032K

Constructed of a corrosion-resistant stainless steel tank, the Jeio Tech BW B series offers a 3.5, 11.5 & 20 Litre Unstirred Water Bath. A well-designed series of water baths that provides stable temperature control for sample incubation.

This unit comes with an easy and fast sloped control panel, a safety alarm setting, and a splash-proof keypad.

Jeio Tech – Water Bath (BW B series)

Key Features


• Temperature range from ambient +7°C to +100°C
• On/off temperature control


• Simple and quick control panel
• Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction allowing other bath fluids as well as water and silicone fluids
• Low-profile design with sloped control panel for easier access and better safety
• Variety of accessories are available to meet application demands


• Isolated design of heater and sensor by a baffle plate to protect users and samples against direct contact
• Complete safety protection system with warning alarms. Over-temperature, over-current protection
• Splash-proof keypad


BW-05B BW-10B BW-20B
Bath Volume (L) 3.5 11.5 20
Working Temperature Range (°C)  Amb. +7 to 100
Temperature Stability (°C) ±0.5
Dimensions Bath Opening/Depth (w x l, d) 240 x 136, 115mm 330 x 240, 165mm 498 x 300, 165mm
External (w x d x h)  303 x 242 x 245mm 357 x 330 x 290mm 564 x 392, 290mm
Net Weight (kg) 6.5 10 18.5
Electrical Requirements (230V)               50Hz, 3A 50Hz, 4.3A 50Hz, 8.7A
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