Olympus’ CKX53 Trinocular Inverted Microscope with Integrated Phase Contrast represent the perfect solution for cell culture in which a variety of cells are grown under controlled conditions thanks to their easy and quick operation combined with excellent optical performance, optimal working distances and various contrast methods. With a slim and compact design, pre-centered phase contrast rings and optional fluorescence capability, all kinds of live cells checks can be easily and quickly performed.

This microscope has been designed from the ground up to be the best microscope available for routine inverted microscopic analysis. The combination of excellent optical performance and mechanical quality results in a microscope system of outstanding value and comfort for regular use. Features such as the pre-centred phase contrast enable users to design their own system, to match their application, with ease.


Key Features

Fast and Efficient Cell Observation with the Integrated Phase Contrast (iPC) System The CKX53 iPC system quickly provides a clear view without needing to change the ring silt from the 4x to 40x objective
Clear View Empowered by Long-Life LED Light Illumination Reliable colour reproducibility as well as a uniform and clear image over the whole visual field with a field number (FN) of 22
Wide and Clear View with the 2x Objective The PLN2x objective, CKX3-SLPAS, has a 22mm field of view of 11mm diameter
3D Views (IVC) Clear three-dimensional images can be obtained for objects of any shape, even transparent ones
Cell Observations in Sterile Conditions UV-resistant coating
Ergonomic Advantages The 45-degree optical access and the placement of the butterfly-shaped observation tube against the stage allows for ergonomic cell observation
Sterile work can be quickly started and finished, allowing cells to be returned to the incubator in a shorter time.
More Comprehensive Observation When the condenser is detached, it is possible to view containers such as multi-layer tissue flasks up to 190mm in height
Flexibility The stage can be expanded up to 70mm to the left and right
Instantly Ready for Clear Image Capturing The CKX53 comes standard with a camera port
“Cell Culture mode” Function


Product CKX53
Optical head Trinocular with photo port, angled at 45°, 100:0, 0:100 split
Interpupillary distance adjustment 48 to 75mm
Dioptre adjustment on both eyepieces
Eyepieces 10x/22mm, super widefield
Nosepiece Quintuple nosepiece with click stop
Objectives 4x, 10x, 20x and 40x LWD phase contrast
Condenser Abbe,NA 1.25
Phase contrast and inversion contrast
Pre-centred phase slider with single phase ring
for 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x plus two BF positions
Iris diaphragm
Stage Plain stage, 252 x 200mm, with exchangeable transparent plate
110 x 74mm movement, Vernier scale
Mechanical stage, 180 x 70mm with microplate holder
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine with stop
Tension control on coarse focus
Illumination 4W LED
Mains power 100 – 240V/50 – 60Hz
Supplied with Power cord and cover
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