Cole Parmer – Electrothermal – Macro-Kjeldahl Extraction Heaters

Designed to determine the protein content of food
on a macro-scale – from 100 to 800 mL

  • Choose from 2- or 6-position heaters to accommodate a variety of flask sizes depending on your application
  • Set the same temperature for all six mantles or adjust the range of each mantle individually
  • Stainless steel construction is rugged and easy-to-clean
Cole Parmer – Electrothermal – Macro-Kjeldahl Extraction Heaters

Key Features

  • Simultaneously heat samples with different boiling points with independent temperature controllers
  • Don’t get burnt—case remains cool-to-the-touch
  • Ideal for routine extraction tests
  • Coiled heating element is suspended within a thermal insulating cartridge to provide maximum heat transfer and support
  • Earth (ground) screen encloses the heater for added safety
  • Accommodate fl ask capacities from 100 to 1000-mL
  • Combination heater/stirrer models have one dial to control stirring for each set of 3 positions


Max element temperature: 800°C Flask capacity: 18 to 50 mL Housing material: Stainless steel Thermal insulation: Ceramic fiber/mineral wood Dimensions (W x H x D): 52 x 16 x 16.2 cm

Number of positions Flask capacity Power (VAC, Hz) Watts  Plug type Catalogue number Item number
Two 100 to 300-mL 230, 50/60 600 UK PZ-03075-02 MQ3822B/E
600 Euro PZ-03075-04 MQ3822B/EX6
500 to 800-mL 1100 UK PZ-03075-08 MQ3824B/E
1100 Euro PZ-03075-10 MQ3824B/EX6
Six 100 to 300-mL 230, 50/60 1800 UK PZ-03075-14 MQ3866B/E
1800 Euro PZ-03075-16 MQ3866B/EX6
500 to 800-mL 3800 PZ-03075-20 MQ3868B/EX6
3800 PZ-03075-22 MQ3868B/E

What’s included:

  • support arms with brackets
  • power cord
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