Cole Parmer – Stuart – Distinction All-Glass Water Still

This all-glass constructed water still with silica-sheathed heaters and high-efficiency condenser ensures top distillate purity at an economical price. Special control device automatically turns off the heater to prevent overfl ow of the reservoir vessel even if the still is left on when unattended. Two independent safety thermostats, mounted in the condenser and boiler, prevent over-heating in the event the water supply is interrupted.

Get high purity with all-glass construction

Screw thread connections make it easy to change hoses quickly and safely without the risk of breaking any glassware. Built-in acid addition funnel and drain stopcock allow for easy descaling without dismantling the glassware. This benchtop still can also be wall-mounted using the two predrilled screw holes in the stand.

Cole Parmer – Stuart – Distinction All-Glass Water Still

Key Features

  • Two independent thermostats prevent overheating


  • Heating element shuts down when reservoir is full



Description Capacity Resistivity Cooling water Water pressure Dimensions (W x H x D) Power (VAC, Hz) Watts Catalog number Item number
Single distilled water still 4 L/hr 0.5 to 1.0 MΩ-cm 60 L/hr consumption 3 to 100 psi (20 to 700 kPa) 54 x 41 x 16 cm 220, 50/60 3 kW PZ-99295-01 D4000
240, 50/60 3 kW PZ-99295-00

What’s included:

  • reservoir level control
  • predrilled support stand
  • hose kit
  • power cord with stripped ends
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