Cole Parmer – Stuart – Merit Economy Water Still

This basic economical water still is perfect for general laboratory and educational distillations. Boiler and high-efficiency condenser are both constructed of borosilicate glass to ensure the highest in distillate purity. Long-life chromium-plated metal heater is protected by twin safety thermostats. Condenser features screw thread connections and plastic 3⁄8″ ID hose barb fittings to quickly and safely change tubing without worrying about breaking the glassware.

Save money while maintaining high performance

Built-in acid addition funnel and wastewater drain stopcock located below the level of the still allow for easy descaling without disman-tling the glassware.

Cole Parmer – Stuart – Merit Economy Water Still

Key Features

  • Two independent thermostats prevent overheating
  • Features a sturdy metal stand for either wall or bench mounting


  • Operate directly from tap water



Description Capacity Resistivity Cooling water Water pressure Dimensions (W x H x D) Power (VAC, Hz) Watts Catalogue number Item number
Single distilled 4 L/hr 0.25 to 0.3 MΩ-cm 60 L/hr consumption 3 to 100 psi (20 to 700 kPa) 50 x 45 x 15 cm 220, 50/60 3 kW PZ-99295-06 W4000
240, 50/60 3 kW PZ-99293-00

What’s included:

  • support stand with two boiler straps
  • hose kit
  • gasket kit
  • power cord with stripped ends
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