Digi-Pad Microscope Tablet Camera

The PreciPoint M8 Digital Microscope Scanner is constructed as an all-in-one system, allowing users to carefully examine specimens using low magnification objectives.

Apart from usual examination techniques of a single objective field of view and its scanning function, this microscope scanner features “Live-Stitching” that enables a larger field of view to be formed within a few seconds without objectives needing to be switched. The specimen can potentially be moved through as individual images are captured and stitched together at the same time.

The PreciPoint M8 digital microscope enables you to work from anywhere at any time. Access and operate the M8 remotely and in real-time (telepathology); connect, share and discuss your findings with your colleagues and specialists from all over the world.

Digi-Pad Microscope Tablet Camera

Key Features

Equipped with software that allows the user to:

  • preview an image
  • Set the white balance
  • Capture images
  • Capture videos as well as
  • Have measurement and annotation capabilities

It comes with:

  • High-definition 9.7″ colour LCD screen


CPU RK3066 dual-core 1.5Hz
Display 9.7 inch (1024 x 768) colour LCD touch-screen
Storage External SD memory card – up to 32GBROM 2GBRAM 1GB DDR3
Camera 15fps at 1024 x 7681/2.5 (4:3) 5 mpx. CMOS

I/O HDMI OutputOn/off ButtonDC5V PowerSD Memory SlotUSB/Mini-USB (OTG) supports USB keyboard and mouse
Mechanical LCD screen 360° horizontal/90° vertical
Operating Software Android 4.2 RAM 2GB
Software Built-in microscopy software
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