Jeio Tech – Water Bath (BW H series)

Product Code for 3.5L: AAH45115K

Product Code for 11.5L: AAH45125K

Product Code for 20L: AAH45135K

The Jeio Tech BW H series offers a 3.5, 11.5 & 20 Litre Unstirred Water Bath. This series features a microprocessor PID control with automatic tuning and calibration plus digital LED displays with a quick adjustable dial knob. The powerful circulation system, using the patented agitator, ensures temperature accuracy of ±0.1°C. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction allows the use of other bath fluids as well as water and silicone oil. Side handles are included for easy transport. Safety is ensured with over-temperature and over-current protection. A keypad lock prevents accidental changes. We also offer a wide range of accessories (e.g. plastic gable covers).

Jeio Tech – Water Bath (BW H series)

Key Features

• Temperature range from ambient +5°C to 100°C
• Microprocessor PID control/automatic tuning/calibration
• Powerful circulation system using our patented agitator
• Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction allowing other bath fluids as well as water and silicone fluids
• Digital LED displays with quick adjustable dial knob (0.1°C resolution)
• Low-profile design with sloped control panel for easier access and better safety. Also, side handles for easy transport

• Isolated design of heater and sensor by a baffle plate to protect users and samples against direct contact
• Complete safety protection system with warning alarms. Over-temperature, over-current protection
• Keypad lock function prevents accidental changes



BW-05H BW-10H BW-20H
Bath Volume (L)  3.5 10 20
Temperature Range (°C)  Amb. +5 to 100
Temperature Accuracy (°C) ± 0.1
Bath Opening/Depth (W x L, D) 240 x 136, 150mm 300 x 240 x 200 498 x 300 x 200
 Dimensions (W x D x H)  307 x 216 x 266mm 364 x 316 x 318 564 x 372 x 318
Weight (kg) 6.5 10 15.5

Please note that the baths are not supplied with a cover nor with a tube block as shown in the image.

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