Jeio Tech – Heated Tube Shaker (CBS-350)

Product Code: AAHJ4015K

Useful for a variety of molecular biology applications, Jeio Tech’s CBS-350 Heated Tube Shaker comes with an interval mix function that can be accurately set according to the user’s experimental conditions when in program mode. Its microprocessor PID control allows the shaker to carry out a consistent shaking motion and deliver precise accuracy from 150 to 1500rpm. With rubber feet on its highly chemically resistant and easy-to-clean polypropylene body, this laboratory mini shaker delivers minimal vibration and noise. The use of its memory function of programs allows relevant parameters (e.g. time, rpm, temp.) of each program step to be safely stored. We also have a wide range of accessory blocks available suitable for this shaker.

Jeio Tech – Heated Tube Shaker (CBS-350)

Key Features


  • Microprocessor PID control ensuring consistent shaking motion and precision accuracy
  • Wide speed range from 150 to 1500rpm (block dependent)
  • Automatic temperature calibration


  • Bright VFD display with responsive touch buttons
  • Memory function of programs allowing relevant parameters of each program step to be stored
  • Up to 10 programs allowed for memory storage, up to 10 steps allowed for each program Interval mix function (continuous switching between shaking and phasing) Advanced dual wait on/off timer modes
  • Optimal heat transfer is achieved by the tight coupling design of the main body and the corrosion-resistant anodised aluminium blocks


  • Self-diagnostic function for identifying errors
  • Polypropylene construction is highly chemically resistant and easy to clean
  • Low profile design with rubber feet for minimal vibration and noise
  • Over-current protection


Control PID feedback control
Display VFD (0.1°C resolution)
Temperature Range (°C) Amb. +5 to 100
Fluctuation at 80°C ± 0.3
Variation at 80°C ± 0.7
Safety Over-Temp. Heating Plate
Over Current Current limit protection
Shaking System Motion Type Orbital
Speed Range (rpm) 96-well tube block 150 to 1500
0.5 ml tube block 1500 to 1000
1.5ml tube block
15ml tube block 150 to 900
Ø 12 tube block 150 to 850
Ø 13 tube block
50ml tube block 150 to 800
Orbit Size (mm) 2
Dimensions Body 249 x 325 x 120mm
Net Weight (kg) 8.3
Electrical Requirements (230V, 50Hz/60Hz) 1.7A
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