LaboStar® Pro TWF systems

The LaboStar® PRO​ TWF systems produce ultrapure water straight from your drinking water supply.

This equipment incorporates a pre-filtration unit and a reverse osmosis membrane. The pure water collects in an integrated tank and is finally circulated through the polishing module by a circulation pump.

The user can extract either Type III water from the built-in 7 l storage tank or Type I water from the dispenser with a quality of 0.055 µS/cm, equivalent to 18.2 MΩ-cm, and TOC of between 1 and 10 ppb, depending on the system type. The RO water quality is displayed as well.

The LaboStar® PRO​ TWF equipment can cost-effectively produce small amounts of analytical-grade water.

The water quality exceeds all relevant standards including ASTM Type I, CLSI and ISO 3696 Type I. System can be upgraded with 30 or 60 l storage tank.

LaboStar® Pro TWF systems

Key Features

  • ​Upgrade with 30 or 60 l storage tank possible, manual dispense via tap
  • Delivers two types of water: type III from the tank and type I from the dispenser
  • Two different sterile filters available (with and without endotoxin retention)
  • Easy module change due to quick-fit couplers
  • Low acquisition costs
  • Scope of supply includes consumables
  • Made in Germany
  • A conductivity sensor constantly measures the product water purity in the recirculation loop.
  • A positively charged 0.2 µm sterile filter at the dispenser removes bacteria and endotoxins, eliminating the need for an expensive ultra-filter.
  • An uncharged 0.2 µm sterile filter is also available.
  • LaboStar® PRO TWF systems are delivered with the first set of modules and filters.
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