LaboStar® Ultrapure Water and Reverse Osmosis Systems

This extremely compact ultrapure water system can be used on a laboratory bench.

The water produced by the system has a conductivity of 0.055 µS/cm (equivalent to 18.2 MΩ-cm) and a TOC value of < 10 ppb. The water produced by the ultraviolet (UV) version has a TOC value of 1 – 5 ppb.

This water quality exceeds all relevant standards including ASTM Type I, CLSI (Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute) and ISO 3696 Type I.

The LaboStar® system is fed with either deionized water, distilled water or permeate from a reverse osmosis unit.

A conductivity meter in the recirculation section continually monitors the purity of the product water. A 0.2 µm positively charged sterile filter at the dispenser removes bacteria and endotoxins. It makes possible to produce pure water with an endotoxin value of < 0.001 EU/ml without the need for any further investment in an expensive ultra filter. An uncharged 0.2 µm sterile filter is also available.

LaboStar® Ultrapure Water and Reverse Osmosis Systems

Key Features

  • Ultrapure water circulation right into the dispenser head
  • Easy to dispense water using the practical dispenser
  • Whisper operation mode
  • Rapid and simple disinfection
  • Quality monitoring after each purification stage
  • Suitable for mobile use at different locations
  • Ultrapure water is ready for use within minutes after filling the tank
  • Pressure reducer included
  • Simple module exchange via quick-release connections
  • Protective jacket at the end of the sterile filter
  • 7 liter built-in tank
  • Easy plug & play installation (Scope of supply includes consumables)
  • Made in Germany
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