M8 Digital Microscope and Scanner

The PreciPoint O8 Digital Microscope Scanner is constructed as an all-in-one system, allowing users to carefully examine specimens using low magnification or oil-immersion objectives.

Apart from usual examination techniques of a single objective field of view and its scanning function, this microscope scanner features “Live-Stitching” that enables a larger field of view to be formed within a few seconds without objectives needing to be switched. The specimen can potentially be moved through as individual images are captured and stitched together at the same time.

M8 Digital
Microscope and Scanner

Key Features

  • Overall picture of both slides on the stage
  • Live stitching; combination of individual pictures quickly taken at the highest resolution of the objective to create a full screen single picture
  • Supported objectives: 20x & 40x with options for 60x and 100x. Contact us for detailed specifications.
  • Easy, instinctive and convenient handling via touch screen
  • Scans (full or parts) and screen shots created within 60 seconds
  • Four different scanning modes (quality, speed)
  • Automated Z-axis focussing; Z-stacking
  • Annotations, measurements and image manipulations (CSV/XLS, VPA, FPF)
  • Image Formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, VMIC, HTML
  • Remote, real-time access
  • Optional software-based applications and analytics


Stage 25 x 75mm (2 slides) or 50 x 75mm (1 slide) – automated x/y stage
Supported Objectives: 20x and 40x non-oil (plus optional 50x, 60x and 100x non-oil
Dimensions; W x D x H (mm)  450 x 400 x 300
Weight (Kg): 25


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