Ideal for:

  • mixing of chemical, laboratory and pharmaceutical materials

Safety mechanism:

  • timer 99h 59min with timer-end signal
  • error status
  • locking mode
  • operation LEDs


  • Jog-Dial controller with touch-button for precise speed control

Key Features

  • digital display with backlight
  • shade motor for 80-1,500 rpm
  • enormous strength of magnet
  • high-quality solid ceramic plate 200×200 mm
  • heat-, chemical- and acid-resistant
  • no liquid can get into the body
  • powder-coated aluminium body
  • 30 mm stirrer bar included
  • CE certified and unique serial number for tracing


Model MS-500D
Body Powder-coated aluminium
Plate Solid ceramic plate, 200×200 mm
Stirring capacity Max. 20 l
Speed & control resolution 80 ~ 1,500 rpm, 5 rpm
Timer & alarm 99hr 59min (with continuous run), error status and timer-end
Display Digital LCD with backlight function
Controller Digital feedback controller with Jog-Dial (Turn+Push) and touch-button
Stirring bar Stirring bar 30 mm bar included, usable up to 50 mm bar
Permissible temperature & RH % Ambient temperature +5 ~ 50°C, 85% RH
Dimension & weight 205 x 345 x h135 mm, 3.3 kg
Packaging size 400 x 280 x h160 mm, 5.2 kg
Power supply 1 Phase AC 120V, 60 Hz or AC 230V, 50/60 Hz


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