OXY 70 VIO – With Optical Sensor 10 MT Cable

Professional portable oximeter with innovative high resolution color display for excellent data visualization in all lighting conditions thanks to the possibility of automatically and manually adjusting the contrast and illumination of the display.

Dissolved oxygen measurement, saturation% and barometric pressure with temperature display.

The online guide in setup and calibration allows a simple and immediate use of the device.

Automatic calibration up to two points (0% – 100%).

Automatic compensation of temperature and barometric pressure, manual salinity.

GLP functions: Date and time, display of calibration data and setting of calibration deadline.
Manual and automatic datalogger with the possibility of downloading data to PC via micro USB.
Measurement stability indicator and possibility to select 3 stability levels.
All operations are constantly monitored and signaled to the operator via the colored LED above the display and self-diagnosis messages.

OXY 70 VIO – With Optical Sensor 10 MT Cable

Key Features

Automatic pressure compensation Yes
Calibration point indication Yes
Calibration report Yes
Communication interfaces   Micro USB  
GLP   Yes  
Display Backlight coloured high definition LCD
IP protection IP 57
Memory   1000 data  
Oxy Calibration points 1 or 2 automatic
Time and date Yes
Timer calibration due   Yes  


DO accuracy (< 10 mg / l – ppm) ±0.2%
DO accuracy (> 20 mg/l – ppm) ±5 %
DO accuracy (10 … 20 mg/l – ppm) ±0.3%
Barometric pressure accuracy ±0.5%
O2 saturation accuracy ±10 %
Temperature accuracy ±0.5°C
Diet 3 AA 1.5V batteries
Automatic pressure compensation Yes
Salinity compensation Yes, manual
Automatic and manual temperature compensation Yes
PC communication Micro USB
Automatic brightness control Yes
Date and time Yes
  • Complete with OXY LDO70 optical oxygen sensor, with built-in temperature sensor
  • Cable length 10 meters
Dimensions (L x W x H) 185x85x45mm
Display High-definition color LCD, backlit
Warranty 5 years
GLP extension Yes
IP degree of protection 57 IPs
Memory 1000 data
First name Oxy 70 Vio
Regulations THERE IS
Weight 0.4kg
Oxygen calibration points 1 … 2
Measurement range Dissolved oxygen 0.0 … 50.0 mg / l
Measurement range Barometric pressure 0 … 1100mbar
Measurement range Dissolved O2 saturation 0.0 … 400%
Measuring range Temperature -10.0 … +110.0 °C
Calibration reports Yes
DO resolution 0.01 / 0.1
Barometric pressure resolution 1 mbar
O2 saturation resolution 0.1 / 1%
Temperature resolution ±0.1°C
Working temperature 0.0 … +45.0 °C
Calibration due timer with alarm Yes
Zero Points Yes
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