pH 8 Pro Basic – Polymer S7 Electrode

Digital benchtop pH meter, with automatic pH calibration on different buffer families, or manual ( 5 values). Automatic and manual ORP calibration on 1 point

pH 8 Pro Basic – Polymer S7 Electrode

Key Features

  • Recall and print the calibration data. Graphical display of electrode conditions
  • Calibration expiration and / or measurement block warning
  • Alarms setting and display functions in analogue format, ” Freeze-reading ” and ” Stability ” with titration mode (Tit) and timed stability for ISE, self-diagnosis messages
  • Numeric password for the protection of the saved data and the management of the calibration
  • Data logger up to 1000 data in GLP with the possibility of sending to printer or PC
  • Multilingual Setup menu (Italy – English – Deu – Fra – Esp – Por)
  • Free Data-Link + software for PC data management
  • USB output for PC connection and RS232 port for printer connection
  • Magnetic stirrer with independent control (optional)


Parameters Measuring Range
pH -2,000…16,000 (0,001 pH)
mV -2000…+2000 (0,1/1 mV)
ORP -2000…+2000 (0,1/1 mV)
Temperature -10…120.0 °C (0.1 °C)


What you get:

  • S7 / BNC cable
  • NT 55 temperature probe
  • electrode holder stand
  • colored buffer solutions
  • external keyboard,
  • USB cable
  • multi-socket power supply


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