Rocker – Glass Filtration Apparatus VF-5

Ideal for:

  • Small volume vacuum filtration for biological or particulate contamination analysis.

VF 5, 25 mm Microanalysis Glass Filtration Set, it includes the following:

  • Receiver flask, 125ml
  • 15 ml Glass filter holder (it includes 1/2/3)
  • Glass funnel, 15ml
  • Aluminum camp
  • Sintered glass support base ( including No.5 silicone stopper)


  • Funnel – SS316
  • Support base – SS316
  • Membrane support – SS316
  • Receiver bottle – PC
Rocker – Glass Filtration Apparatus VF-5

Key Features

  • Clearly-marked graduations in the funnel are convenient for sample addition.
  • Sintered glass or stainless steel screen membrane support to meet your needs.


Funnel capacity 300 ml
Flask capacity 1000 ml
Filter diameter 47mm
Hose barb ID8
Effective filtration area 13.2 cm2
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