Rocker – Glass Filtration Apparatus VF-6

Ideal for:

  • solvent purification and general filtration such as microbiological test, suspended solid analysis etc.

VF 6, Glass Filtration Set, it includes the following:

  • 300 ml Glass filter holder
  • 1000 ml Receiver flask
  • Silicone fixing sucker


  • Funnel – Borosilicate glass
  • Support base – Borosilicate glass
  • Membrane support – Sintered glass
  • Clamp – Aluminum
  • Stopper – Silicone rubber
  • Receiver flask – Borosilicate glass
Rocker – Glass Filtration Apparatus VF-6

Key Features

  • The screwthread connector helps remove the silicone tube quickly.
  • The silicone fixing sucker prevents the receiver flask from tipping over accidentally.


Funnel capacity 30 ml
Flask capacity 1000 ml
Filter diameter 47mm
Hose barb ID8
Effective filtration area 13.2 cm2
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