Rocker – Vacuum Filtration System – Rocker 300 – LF-30

Ideal for

  • Suspended solid test
  • Vacuum Filtration

Rocker 300 combined with LF-30 makes a unique filtration system that combines a vacuum source with a filtration device. Its compact design saves a lot of bench space compared to conventional systems.

Vacuum Filtration Set, it includes the following:

  • Rocker 300, Oil Free Vacuum Pump
  • LF 30, Filtration Set
  • Silicone Tube (1m)
  • Glass Fiber Discs (47mm, 1μm)


  • Funnel – PES
  • Funnel support base – PP
  • Funnel lid – PP
  • Waste bottle – PC
  • Overflow protection – PP
Rocker – Vacuum Filtration System – Rocker 300 – LF-30

Key Features

  • No air pollution, maintenance-free
    Rocker series pumps are piston-driven, no need for lubricant, regular oil changes and maintenance with no oil pollution.
  • The patented spin-lock design (M381450)
    The filter holder can be connected with waste bottle by patented spin-lock connection (M381450) giving a fast and stable installation without clamp.
  • Overflow protection
    Waste bottle comes with a built-in overflow protection to keep the filtrate from overflowing when waste bottle is full.


Model Rocker – 300
Power Supply 110V, 60Hz 220V, 50Hz
Max. power 65W 60W
Max. current 0.7A 0.3A
Max. vacuum 105mbar
Max. flow rate 23L/min 20L/min
Motor roatation speed 1750RPM 1450RPM
Horse power 1/8 HP
Noise level 50dB
Hose barb ID8(5/16inch)
Vacuum regulator Yes
Thermal protection Yes
Net weight 4.1Kg
Dimension (LxWxH) 26.8 x 13.5 x 20.4 cm
Funnel capacity 300 ml
Waste bottle capacity 1200 ml
Filter diameter 47 mm
Hose barb ID8 (5/16 inch)
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